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TVA SEM Schools

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA): Building an Engaging Technical Manual


TVA EnergyRight ® supports public schools in their service territory by offering energy efficiency training and building improvement grants to reduce energy use, save money, and improve the comfort of their classrooms. As part of our work supporting the design and implementation of this program, our creative staff developed a variety of materials to support training and engagement.

We created an energy-saving manual that outlined ways to operate the school building more efficiently, including checklists that make remembering new behaviors easy, and in-class activities to get the kids involved. The manual was packaged in a branded 3-ring binder so that checklists and classroom activities can be removed, utilized, and returned after use. Our design system leveraged illustration, icons, and photography to make technical concepts easy to understand and fun to read.

TVA SEM Schools Illustration
TVA SEM Schools Manual
TVA SEM Schools Manual Spreads
TVA SEM Schools Manual Icons
TVA SEM Schools Manual Spread
TVA SEM Schools Manual Illustration
TVA SEM Schools Manual Icons
TVA SEM Schools Manual