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Energy Utilities

Energy Utilities

We combine our deep knowledge of the energy industry, business, and customers with our expertise in behavior change, engagement, and program design to create innovative and effective initiatives for our utility clients.

Since 2006, Milepost has been helping utilities design and implement pilots and programs that meet energy and carbon reduction goals, support economic development, and improve the lives of their customers and the health of their communities.

Successful initiatives advance business objectives, create brand loyalty, build long-lasting customer relationships, and attract top talent. That’s why they are such a worthwhile investment. Milepost can help your organization build a portfolio of services that is right-sized for your utility and inclusive and exciting for your customers.

Our technical expertise

Icons_Energy efficiency and management
Energy efficiency and demand response
Icons_Strategic Energy Management
Strategic energy management
Icons_Energy workforce development
Energy workforce development
Icons_Renewable energy technologies
Renewable energy technologies
Energy education and workshops
Energy workshops and education
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Electric vehicles
Icons_Grid modernization
Grid modernization
Icons_Building performance
Building performance
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Non energy benefits

Our services

The Milepost team is always pushing the envelope to give us creative, fresh approaches that are on the leading edge of industry thinking — even break-through.”

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