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TVA Home Uplift Back Wall

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA): Building Program Recognition


TVA EnergyRight®'s Home Uplift program provides free home energy upgrades to income-eligible customers, improving the lives of everyone who participates. As part of our work supporting the design and implementation of this program, we helped TVA spread the word about this program to local power companies and community organizations through a conference exhibit.

Understanding that the best way to enhance public perception is to have them “see and feel” the benefits, Milepost created the Faces of Home Uplift. We used storytelling through videos and captivating visuals on every surface of the conference exhibit to create a self-guided, museum-style booth using real stories from real people who had benefitted from the program.

We nested a photo wall within the exhibit to create a sense of unity, celebrating all the work being done to support low-income communities and generate new partnerships. Using just an iPad, an app, and a photo printer, TVA can capture a photo and the contact information for each person who stops by, feed a social media campaign, and provide participants with printed copies they can take home for inspiration.

TVA Home Uplift Booth
TVA Home Uplift Handout
TVA Home Uplift Booth Detail
TVA Home Uplift Banners