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TVA Treasure Hunt

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA): Making Energy Audits Fun


TVA EnergyRight ® provides energy saving solutions for large national accounts headquartered in their service territory. As part of our work supporting the design and implementation of TVA’s energy efficiency programs, we developed a fun spin on the standard energy audit.

We positioned the audit as a treasure hunt, helping businesses “find money” they can invest back into their operations. We illustrated a pirate-themed map to show the core areas of opportunity and what potential savings “treasure” is available. The map can be used as a summary report of their journey to greater efficiency and can be updated over time to show total savings in each category. We applied the same illustration style to a more detailed report that provides businesses with technology recommendations and implementation guidance. All numbers on the map, and content within the report, are editable using PowerPoint. This enables users to update the data themselves and create new reports independent of a professional design team.

TVA Treasure Hunt Detail
TVA Treasure Hunt Report
TVA Treasure Hunt Illustrations
TVA Treasure Hunt Poster