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Turnkey Products

Getting Started - 003

Icons_Marketing strategy

Funding Review 

Based on your utility’s goals, we’ll identify optimal funding opportunities and provide informed recommendations on next steps.

$1,500 / month
Requires minimum 6-month commitment

Getting Started - 004

Icons_Program framework selection

Create a Competitive Advantage Workshop

Before a funding opportunity drops, our team will help you pinpoint top priorities and potential partnerships. You’ll also learn a number of tactics to give you an edge.


Building an application - 005

Icons_Community based social marketing

Meet with the Expert: Community Benefits & Equity Plans

Get real-time insight on your Community Benefits & Equity Plan during our drop-in office hours.

Concept Paper Prep - 4 weeks: $600
Application Prep - 2 months: $1,600

Developing future strategies - 011

Icons_Materiality assessments

Strategic Postmortem Workshop

Be positioned for future applications with a gap analysis of your submission, the reviewer’s feedback, and where you fit into the competitive landscape.


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