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Grants Application and Management

Grant Application & Management

There are billions of dollars available to develop and implement programs that strengthen communities, foster economic development, improve equity, and achieve sustainability goals.


Unlock once in a lifetime funding for your community

Current federal funding allocations under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants present a massive opportunity for many governments and organizations alike. These pieces of legislation create numerous avenues to support clean energy technologies, infrastructure planning, workforce development, electric vehicle adoption, weatherization and electrification of buildings, broadband implementation, bolstering the supply chain expansion, and much more.

Milepost knows that sifting through requirements, determining eligibility, developing partnerships, and managing the overall application process can present significant challenges to pursuing funding. That’s where we come in. We support communities, businesses, and government agencies in determining which opportunities advance their goals and help manage the process wherever needed — from writing proposals, managing teams, and tracking public comments to designing programs, implementing initiatives, and reporting results.

Our work

Clean School Bus Program Electrifying School Buses in the Southeast
Helping the wheels on the bus go round and round (but very quietly) through the Clean School Bus Program.
Justice 40 Justice40 Initiative Creates Opportunities As businesses and organizations apply for federal funding, this initiative has created a series of new considerations and metrics for applicants.

Current focus

To date, we have successfully supported our clients in securing and implementing millions of dollars in federal funding, including grants and rebates, through the following legislation and programs:

Inflation Reduction Act The Inflation Reduction Act delivers new spending and tax breaks that aim to boost clean energy, reduce healthcare costs, and increase tax revenues. This legislation encourages private consumers to adopt innovative technologies, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, beneficial electrification, clean and alternative fuel vehicles, and more!
Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) provides hundreds of billions of dollars to reshape America’s infrastructure landscape, which includes the creation or expansion of countless funding opportunities for transformational projects in transportation, energy, water, resiliency, and climate justice.

Our toolbox

Program focus selection and goal setting Program focus selection and goal setting
Program and initiative design Program and initiative design
Manage public hearings and comment periods Manage public hearings and comment periods
Incorporation of Justice40 Incorporation of Justice40
Facilitation of inter-agency and stakeholder collaboration - Facilitation of stakeholder collaboration
Manage application timelines Manage timelines
Grant writing Grant writing
Reporting Reporting
Lead workshops Lead workshops
Funding identification Funding identification

Milepost worked with our team to design and administer a grant that ensures equitable outcomes to provide energy efficiency in underserved communities.”

Senior Program Manager Utility Sector

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