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Brian Blackmon


Brian Blackmon brings more than a decade of government sustainability leadership to the Milepost team. As Director for the City of Knoxville’s Office of Sustainability, his team spearheaded award-winning programs centered on stakeholder engagement and city-wide activation.  

Brian’s time with the City of Knoxville led to recognition as a White House Climate Action Champion, Department of Energy (DOE) Better Building Challenge Goal Achiever, a 47% reduction in operational emissions. and grant awards totaling more than $27M to support local programs.  

Versed in the many nuances and challenges of climate planning and carbon accounting, Brian has a talent for building strategies from the ground up, rallying teams and stakeholders, and fully operationalizing new initiatives. 

Brian earned his degree in English from the University of South Carolina. An accredited Professional Energy Manager (PEM), he is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he can be found exploring trails on wheels or on foot. 


Core competencies

  • Strategic planning
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Behavior change
  • Program focus selection and goal setting
  • Engagement strategy
  • Reporting
  • Communications strategy and planning
  • Sustainability assessments and recommendations
  • Sustainability strategy development
  • GHG accounting
  • Data collection, management, and analysis
  • Sustainability reporting (e.g., CSR, ESG)
  • Sustainability education workshop design and delivery
  • State & federal grant development, writing, and management
  • Stakeholder/team/project management
  • Account management


Hi-Fi speakers
Online gaming


Being late
Gas station coffee
Interstate highways
Dry clean only clothing

Little-known fact

I’ve custom built all my computers since I was 16 years old.