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Dale Mills


Dale Mills is a seasoned storyteller with experience crafting content for both digital and in-person environments. Her expertise in writing, content design, and creative production enables her to translate business objectives into compelling narratives that spark action.

With a B.A. in writing and a background in adult learning and experience design, Dale believes in the power of immersive storytelling through interactivity and gamification. As versatile as she is creative, she delivers products with intention and impact. Whether you envision a dynamic in-person workshop or need a quick script for a time-sensitive video announcement, she’s got you covered.

A true Nashville native, Dale embraces the city's vibrant music scene when she’s not beating her friends at Monopoly or playing poker with the local league. She's always up for a spontaneous road trip, especially if there’s a coffee shop or bookstore along the way!

Dale Mills

Core competencies

  • Communications strategy and planning
  • Social media/digital planning
  • Messaging & engagement strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Scriptwriting
  • Technical writing
  • Marketing writing 
  • Learning experience design 
  • Sustainability education workshop design and delivery 
  • Presentation design 
  • Experiential design (e.g., exhibits, booths, banners)
  • Event design, management, and promotion 
  • Conference planning (e.g., abstracts, awards, presentations, exhibiting, speech writing)


Midcentury modern furniture
Café con leche
A well-placed semicolon
Old-growth forests


Blue cheese
Low-rise jeans
Modern country music

Little-known fact

Dale’s father taught her to play the mandolin during the pandemic, and they now attend jam sessions around town.