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Holly Baird, MBA


As Director of Accounts and Client Delivery, Holly Baird focuses her time on client relationships, strategic support across our projects, and training and developing of our staff to produce consistent, high-quality deliverables that best serve our customers and their stakeholders.

Holly came to the Utility sector by way of design and construction, project management, and a focus in sustainability in the commercial built environment. Before Milepost, she has served as the South-Central Regional Director for the US Green Building Council, the Executive Director for the USGBC Tennessee Chapter, a board member for numerous nonprofits, and a Commercial Interior Designer.

Holly has a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management. Holly is one of Milepost’s resident word-smiths, and a proud career nerd who loves conferences, classes, workshops, webinars, and TED talks.

Holly Baird

Core competencies

  • Market intelligence and business insights
  • Strategic planning
  • Business case development
  • Process improvement
  • Partner research and stakeholder engagement activities
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Behavior change
  • Program focus selection and goal setting
  • Engagement strategy
  • Event design, management, and promotion
  • Community-Based Social Marketing
  • Storytelling
  • Conference planning (e.g., abstracts, awards, exhibiting, speech writing)
  • Team development and coaching
  • Stakeholder/team/project management
  • Account management


Personality quizzes
Polka dots
Young Adult fiction
Cheesy 80s/90s movies
The Oxford comma


Red peppers
Heat and humidity
Fluorescent light

Little-known fact

My wedding planning included creating a spreadsheet comparison of Las Vegas Elvis-themed wedding packages.