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Megan Cook


Megan (Turney) Cook joins the Milepost team with experience in conference and booth planning, website development, social media content preparation and planning, copy editing, and multi-business unit support. 

Megan graduated with her Bachelor's in Psychology and her Master's in Digital Marketing from East Tennessee State University. Her passion is for cultivating meaningful relationships based on intentional efforts to understand people while assisting them in reaching their business goals. 

When Megan's not in the office, you could find her playing with her three fur babies (Tito, Honeydew, and Whisper), planning upcoming family events/trips, or walking on nature trails with her husband, Kaleb.

Core competencies

  • Market intelligence and business insights 
  • Process improvement 
  • Meeting facilitation 
  • Community-Based Social Marketing 
  • Social media/digital planning 
  • Marketing writing 
  • Website development 
  • Experiential design (e.g., exhibits, booths, banners) 


Long car rides
Picnics at the lake
Organizing, decorating, and painting (Not drawing, although I am an expert stick figure draftsman.)


It's not that I dislike heights...I just know that what comes up must come back down.
Bugs — any and all kinds
Last-minute cancellations

Little-known fact

I actually enjoy busier work days. Outside of working well under pressure, the busier days just feel more full and purposeful to me!