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Michael Roy, PhD


Michael Roy is an expert in the field of natural resource conservation and sustainability. He has developed conservation, climate change, environmental impact and training projects for international agencies, non-profits and corporations.

Michael has many years of experience of accounting for carbon through forestry/orchard/natural forest projects (both sequestration and sequestered) and has worked with corporate carbon accounting for over 5 years.

In 2010, he co-founded the consultancy Common Fields to work specifically on sustainability issues within the agricultural supply chain. He is a Principal with Milepost and brings a bit of class to the company with his British accent. 

Core competencies

  • Sustainability assessments and recommendations
  • Sustainability strategy development
  • ESG planning and program development
  • GHG accounting
  • Materiality assessments
  • Data collection, management, and analysis
  • Sustainability reporting (e.g., CSR, ESG)
  • B Corp certification support
  • Sustainability education workshop design and delivery
  • Climate adaptation specialist (agriculture, water, livelihoods, nature-based solutions)
  • Climate mitigation specialist (forestry, REDD)
  • Climate investment strategies (national/international)
  • Climate change proposal writing for international donors


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Dodo birds


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Little-known fact

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