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Unlocking the power of people to advance the future of energy.

Milepost builds strategies, designs programs, and forges alliances that get people excited, aligned, and invested in powering progress.

With Milepost, you get a strategy consultancy, creative agency, and energy expert all in one.

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Milepost All in One

What we offer

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting Distill your vision into actionable plans with meaningful and measurable goals that progress your organization and community.
Engagement Strategy Design journeys for everyday people that keep them actively engaged in your program throughout its lifecycle.
Program Design & Optimization Offer engaging and effective programs that optimize your impact and inspire people to get involved and champion change.
Impact Evaluation Analyze real-world impacts, plan community benefits, and foster collaboration with the people who influence your success.  
Funding Strategy & Support Identify the right funding for your project and build a competitive application using a cost-effective and efficient process. 
Program Management & Reporting Drive impactful results with your program and comply with documentation and reporting requirements with ease and confidence.
Awareness & Education Translate the technical into a compelling story that informs and educates people, igniting support for your efforts.  
Promotions & Recruitment Increase participation in your programs and inspire people to adopt new energy technologies or behaviors.
Graphic & Experiential Design Capture the attention of people through unique branding, powerful design, and dynamic experiences.

Federal funding expertise from beginning to win.

The opportunities available through federal funding are massive. Then again, so are the headaches involved in going after them. That’s where we come in.


How can we help?

Translate technical jargon

Industry experts get accustomed to using specific jargon, acronyms, and technical language when communicating within their field. This can become challenging when trying to engage with a non-technical audience.

Milepost understands the technical jargon used across the energy industry and corporate sustainability. We also know how to translate this language into clear, concise, and meaningful communications materials that engage and inform your target audience.

When complex topics benefit from supporting graphics, our creative team can develop infographics that attract the reader and improve comprehension. This service comes in handy for things like presentations, fliers, manuals, reports, and videos.

Create a memorable brand

Many people think of branding as a cool logo and a color palette. Although these things are important, there’s so much more to it.

Creating a successful brand for a business or program requires a clear understanding of what the market needs, who you are engaging, what appeals to them, and how best to reach them. It is through this investigation that you learn how to speak to your target audience using messaging that is meaningful to them and create a visual identity that stands out and becomes recognizable.

Milepost can help you develop a brand strategy, a visual identity, and all the supporting communications materials you need to launch a successful initiative.

Develop ESG and GRI sustainability reports

Tracking, measuring, and reporting sustainability metrics takes time, dedication, and hard work. Milepost can help you develop a sustainability reporting strategy, communications plan, and all associated materials needed to share your sustainability efforts with your target audience.

We have deep experience developing everything from full sustainability (or ESG) reports to executive summary brochures using frameworks such as SASB and GRI. Our services include facilitated visioning sessions, data collection strategy and support, data analysis, messaging strategy, copy development, and graphic design.

Access government grant funding

Current federal funding legislation, including the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act/Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act, present an unprecedented opportunity for many governments and organizations to access federal dollars for new and existing initiatives.

Milepost can help determine which funding opportunities are right for your organization and support your team through every step of securing and implementing the funding through meaningful projects and programs.

Our staff has vast experience managing programs and funding for the US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Transportation, and other national initiatives supported by settlement dollars.

Build an electric vehicle program

Electric vehicles (EVs) are essential for reducing carbon emissions worldwide. Dedicated federal funding is now available to support EV adoption, charging infrastructure planning and installation, workforce development for EVs and chargers, research and development of energy storage/batteries, and domestic EV and battery supply chain strengthening.

Milepost can help you understand and take advantage of these funding opportunities and design pilots and programs that overcome market barriers and create tangible, positive impacts for your community.

Engage kids in energy efficiency

A 2016 study published in Nature Energy revealed that energy efficiency programs targeting children can have a lasting impact on household behavior.

That is why we created the Monster Detective Collective, an off-the-shelf kids energy education program that makes it easy to teach kids how energy is made, how it's used, and how to use it wisely. These lessons are delivered by friendly, colorful monsters and bold, fun graphics that keep kids (and their parents) engaged and learning.

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