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Tashina Jirikovic07.18.171 min read

From Inc. to SPC

It’s official! We are proud to announce that Milepost, SPC (formerly Milepost, Inc.) has successfully become a social purpose corporation. What does that mean exactly? We’re still wrapping our arms around various definitions and strategies, but here’s the definition we’ve found most useful:

“While the primary objective of a traditional business corporation is to create economic value for its shareholders, the social purpose corporation now gives companies the latitude to also promote one or more broader goals of social responsibility, such as environmental sustainability or committing to improve other aspects of the local, national, or world communities.” (source)

The way we see it, achieving SPC status means we have reinforced our commitment to our employees, our community, and our environment over margins and earnings (although turning a profit is still important to stay in businesses). We have been a certified B Corporation since 2010, and our focus is on helping organizations adapt and thrive in a world challenged by social and environmental change through three core strategies:

  • Discover and solve critical operational challenges
  • Design cost-effective, people-centered engagement programs, and
  • Develop beautiful, compelling communications.

We became an SPC to affirm our values as a purpose-driven company and to be part of the growing number of businesses, municipalities, states, and other organizations who understand and have embraced the importance of corporate social responsibility in the absence of federal leadership on climate change and environmental sustainability. 

Are you an SPC? We would love to hear your insights and feedback on how it’s changed the way you’ve gone about your business, literally and figuratively.

Are you interested in learning more about Milepost, SPC? We invite you to check out our website and contact us with your questions. We value your insights, and hope to connect with you.


Tashina Jirikovic

Tashina helps companies analyze where they currently stand, figure out their plan of attack, and communicate their goals and accomplishments. Her expertise includes sustainability assessment, program development and reporting, green building theory, energy efficiency education, and strategic planning.

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