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Maragh Girvan


Maragh Girvan is an adept operations and project management professional, melding an innovative spirit with a keen understanding of data and team dynamics. Her present position at Milepost as Project Planner has her overseeing resource allocation and fine-tuning resource management procedures.

Prior to joining Milepost, she honed her operational expertise in creative agency workflows at Circus Maximus and spent seven transformative years at McKinsey's Digital Capability Center in Atlanta. There, she championed operator-led improvement projects, designed rigorous recruiting systems, and led teams in implementing lean manufacturing principles.

Maragh is passionate about creating a culture of continuous learning and feedback, establishing processes that not only enhance efficiency but foster personal growth. Her growth-centric approach has not only streamlined operations but also built a legacy of positivity and forward momentum in every project she touches.

Maragh is an Atlanta native educated at the Georgia Tech Sam Nunn School of International Affairs. She finds joy in traveling and indulging in pop culture.

Core competencies

  • Stakeholder/team/project management
  • Process improvement
  • Team development and coaching
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Data collection, management, and analysis
  • Budget management


Tropical beaches
Prime time dramas
Right turns on red


American football
Feeble protagonists
Right-handed scissors

Little-known fact

I have two titanium plates in my jaw, and thus can feel when it's going to rain.